Franck Deville


Chef at age 20, Frank Deville becomes owner of a hotel restaurant in 25 years. Real passion for French cuisine, each developing card is for him a source of new combinations and tastes, an invitation to travel and escape.

At 30, he took over the restaurant Le Clos Fleuri in Saint Priest en Jarez, the symbolic heart of Saint-Etienne area and full of history, having belonged to the family Gagnaire.
Master Restorer in 2010, he won the trophy at the International Gastronomy in March 2011.

Following the request of a chocolatier Saint Etienne, he created a range of macaroons for its shops. Due to the success of its small pastries, he decided to create her own line of macaroons in the form of Annual Collections. The brand was born: Frank Deville - Creator of Macaroons

The adventure was launched ...

Our manufacturing is intended as a traditional craft processes. Although poaching mechanized shells, the man's eyes is important at every stage and the rigor that we impose on ourselves allows us to keep only the best.

Raw materials selection

We put special attention to select raw materials of the highest quality and to develop authentic recipes (fresh mint, zest of fresh fruit, chocolate quality, lobes of foie gras south west ...).
Our desire is to use only natural products both in the shell (our range of natural dye is) and in terms of forage.

Our specialty: the range of macaroons sugary - salted

Our specialty is among others in creating a range of salted macaroons combines the sweet flavors of macaroon savory products such as foie gras, Roquefort, duck... They can be served both as an appetizer at cocktail dish or side dish.

Be surprised by its originality and the trip that takes you to discover our French gastronomy.