Frais Devant

Founded on Passion




Mathieu Dorfmann has worked in the meat industry for over fifteen years. 

He also enjoys entertaining guests, having fun and throwing dinner parties.

Chatting to his friends, he realised that certain types of charcuterie were rarely being eaten, simply because they were not as well known. That was ten years ago. It inspired him to create a strong range of good quality traceable products that offered something new on the supermarket shelves. Frais Devant was born.




 L'atelier de découpe de Frais Devant2009: Establishment of our production facility

Raw ingredients are carefully selected from across Europe to produce quality charcuterie that tastes great.









La gamme traditionnelle Frais Devant2013: New products launched

The product range was expanded to include snack and wafer thin offerings, as well as the French and Ajaccio platters.







Les labels Frais Devant2014-2015: Acquired the Organic, Organic IGP Sliced Grison Beef and Organic Auvergne labels

These labels relate to the origins of our products and the production processes involved.







Gamme de charcuterie bio Frais Devant2016: Launch of the AB label organic range in response to new demand.









Gamme de charcuterie pour l'apéro - Frais Devant2018: Launch of an aperitif rangeNew user-friendly formats for a snack with your friends.