Crèmerie Parisienne

La Crèmerie is the first official flagship for French dairy products in Asia, and the second one worldwide after the French Dairy Board in New York City, USA. It is located in Shanghai, China, in the up-and-coming Jing'An district.
La Crèmerie is not your typical local corner shop. As on open venue, La Crèmerie features events, trainings and exhibits, where food become the centrepiece and topic for engaged communication.
The space serves as beacon for chefs, artists, bloggers and foodies so they may explore French dairy products and foods as a medium for development and innovation.
La Crèmerie provides also a lab where professionals and influencers will be able to experiment cooking and pastry lessons, Cheese pairings sessions, interactive presentations on how to indulge in French cheese, cream, butter… and improve their knowledge through playful and interactive displays.
La Crèmerie is of course a boutique to provide the most exquisite goods and treats ; it offers a curated selection of some of the best French dairy products.