Chefs de Paris

True to its concept "Chefs at the Service of Chefs", the creations presented by Chefs de Paris deliver a qualitative solution aimed at optimizing time in the kitchen, managing your staff, and facilitating cost / portion control. The end customer will enjoy an excellent 100% natural product that never varies in quality in the long term.

Currently, we have a select group of clients who know how to value the qualitative contribution of our recipes. Chefs de Paris is constantly concerned with improving its service, maintaining a personalized and cordial dialogue, variables that today consolidate the company as the main player in the high-end frozen food segment.
Welcome to the world of Chefs de Paris.
In 2012, Chefs de Paris was created to present the creations of prestigious French manufacturers of deep-frozen foods to Chile and other South American markets. We were the pioneers in the import and commercialization of this format of products that allow us to offer innovative recipes, of great versatility and creative contribution.
The main contribution of the company is to favor direct links with gastronomic professionals, exchange experiences and provide them with a qualitative solution to their requirements.

The selection of Chefs de Paris responds to the demand of a demanding consumer, who likes to enjoy authentic recipes, where quality is prioritized over quantity. The use of noble raw materials offer a unique and incomparable taste.
Deep freezing is the best method to preserve the nutritional qualities, flavors and textures of the final product, with an appearance and taste identical to a freshly made product.