Goat Buchette Cheese Cremerie Parisienne - 180g



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French goat's cheese- 180g

Buchette de Chevre is an exquisite soft-ripened cheese made from goat's milk and produced in the Centre region in the Loire Valley of central France. A log-shaped chevre cheese, it is ripened for a minimum of 7 days rendering the exterior a crusty and hard edible rind with a classic, bloomy mould.

The white pate of Buche de Chevre reveals a complex yet typical, bold taste of French goat cheeses underlined by sweet notes of caramel. Soft and creamy with a flaky centre, the cheese instantly melts in the mouth.

Buchette de Chevre can be served warm on salads or with fruits for dessert. It could also be used as a dressing for quiches and canapés. Its delightful blend of flavour and texture goes well with a Beaujolais or red wine.

Ingredients: Pasteurised goat's milk, salt, lactic and fungic starters, coagulant

Allergens in bold

Suitable for vegetarians

Origin: France

Keep refrigerated 0-4C

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